Honey Badger

Honey Badger is a hoot! And if you know where her name comes from, you totally know her personality! She is only 11 months old and is a puppy in a big girl body. She is learning all the proper house manners for a big bouncy girl and will settle down quickly with an ear scratch. Growing up in a shelter hasn't stopped her from learning all kinds of good social skills with dogs, cats, and people. She has excellent obedience skills, knows several tricks, and walks like an angel on a leash. (her favorite thing is to carry a toy or stick with her on her walk - and she prances with it like the princess she is). Honey Badger is totally our tom boy - a long walk, some weight pulling, agility, a long hike - anything to exercise her puppy mind and big girl body. She has hilarious body language when she's out and about wiggling like a snake back and forth ensuring she meets every single person.

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