Hipster alert! (evidenced by the scarf he loves to wear on walks) Teddy Graham is a ladies man! Boy does he love snuggling. Graham loves Sonic ice cream cones, long walks with his favorite volunteers where every few blocks he nudges their hand and smiles at them, Wendy's vanilla frosties (don't tell the girls at Sonic), red barn bones, playing with his boomer ball and he loves settling into his kennel at night with a fleece - don't worry, it doesn't have to be Northface (it doesn't get much better than that!) This teddy bear was in a temporary foster home with a family who has two small children and did well. Now he just needs a foster home in the Topeka, Lawrence, or Kansas City metro area. He's the most laid back dude you'll ever meet. Graham loves to just go with the flow and relax (and lay his big head in your lap to snooze). He's not a high energy dog, so he would do well in an apartment or with low to moderate exercise (and ask you can see from the pictures, just needs to be bundled up in his hipster scarf and he's ready to roll (though his foster mom says he would prefer no exercise at all!) Graham is SUPER SMART, so be sure to exercise his brain or he'll get into mischief. Graham would do best in a home with no other pets. Graham comes with a lifetime of free training by GDG trainers and with 10 weeks of Pit Bull E.D.U. training already under his belt!

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