You have all heard the saying "Love is Blind"... Could they have been right all this time? The sweet young boy has limited if any vision and yet is really getting along well in his foster home. Despite his vision issues, Spin runs up and down the stairs with his foster brother and sisters. He has a favorite toy-- a stuffed bear that he is very attached to. He shakes it and likes to throw it in the air, and then he loses it and hunts around until he finds it. This fine young hound is a lover too. He just lights up when you talk to him and make it easier for him to find and understand you. He loves being stroked and cuddled. Spin loves to snuggle with the other pups too. He gingerly does circles and then curls up with them. Come meet Spin and see if he doesn't charm you too! What a darling boy he is!

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REGAP (Retired Greyhounds as Pets)


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