Well! I now realize how wonderful life can be with strange-shaped things (people?) that walk on their hind legs (complain and groan if they have to bend over & get their front legs anywhere near the floor- ODD) have shown that they know how to treat us greyhounds. Another greyhound in the house proved it to me as my other foster sib is not quite trustworthy--not being one of our breed (his opinion doesn't count). With the "people" we go on walks (Awesome!) on trails with interesting smells. They bring us toys & if we toss them and make them squeak, we cause the "people" to make unusual sounds, "ooh" and "aah". They also seem to like it when I lean on them, giving me all kinds of attention, ear-scratches and butt rubs. Even pill-time is good. I didn't like the yucky things in the green bag, so the lady "people" wrapped gooey cheese around them! Yummy! I had to teach the other grey about holding out for the good cheeseballs, and he agrees. It's good to go Gourmet!

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