My name is Kahlua REGAP. I've heard tell that I'm a little reserved 'til I get comfortable and that I'm quiet. Honestly? I really just don't see any reason to rush right up to folks when I KNOW they are going to notice my handsome face soon enough and want to pet me (see pic and you will understand). I also can't figure out why some dogs think they need to bark when they want to go outside-like my foster brother. I can get the same result by just walking to the door and giving the two legged family members "the look". No accidents on MY record, so it must be working! I am getting used to being called a "perfect gentleman" even if I don't really know what that means. Foster mom says I'm just an all round good boy and she's sure going to miss me when I find my forever home. I think I will miss her too but it sure will be nice to get a real last name instead of being called Kahlua Regap.

Adopt me! Adopt Kahlua at
REGAP (Retired Greyhounds as Pets)


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